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Water-soluble polymers are materials that maintain the ability to be solvent in water. It substances that disperse, dissolve, or swell in water and, thus, modify the physical properties of aqueous methods in the form of thickening, gelation, or emulsification/stabilization. Water-soluble polymers cover many highly varied families of natural or synthetic origin products and have numerous uses.

Global Water Soluble Polymer Market will be US$ 45.86 Billion by 2027

The water-soluble polymers industry includes various types Polyacrylamide & Copolymers, Polyvinyl Alcohol, Guar Gum & Derivatives, Gelatin, Casein, Polyacrylic Acid and Others. The polyacrylamide & copolymers segment is growing consistently. The primary reasons for this growth are its characteristics like good thermal stability, non-toxic nature, high miscibility and good solubility. Besides, Guar gum, which is primarily used in paper pulp hydration with much potential, is expected to grow globally. It will significantly grow in